Apparently Apple rewards its employees more loyal, in fact, after the first five years of work at Apple, every employee receives a plate stylish signed by CEO Tim Cook.

The testimony comes from Lemont Washington that he recently shared on Twitter his plaque is obtained after 5 years and signed by Tim Cook.

Five year flex

— Lemont Washington (@cocoalabs) January 15, 2020

Washington joined Apple in September 2014 as a computer engineer senior. Since then he has worked on Swift Playgrounds, HomeKit, and Messages. In reality its fifth anniversary in Apple was five months ago, but now that he has received his plate, he wanted to share it with the world.

The plaque reads as follows:

Five years in the Apple represent an important milestone. When you come here, you’ve worked hard to achieve the things that are really great. Since then, you’ve brought passion, creativity and tenacity, simply because it is what requires the research of excellence. You have excited and inspired others through the standards that you set for yourself. And you had the kind of impact that changes the lives of the people. This is significant. Thank you for all you have done and everything you will do during your trip to Apple.