In the last few days is re-opened, the battle between Apple and the FBI, with the latter accusing the house of Cupertino to not want to co-operate in the release of the iPhone belonging to criminals, in particular reference to the recent tragedy of Pensacola. The case has led even the President of the United States having to tell her, however it seems that this recent wave of controversy and outrage is completely instrumental.

To suggest what we think another case – discovered by the Forbes and reported by MacRumors – in which it was necessary to access the data present in the iPhone of a suspected, for which it seems that you have used the tool GrayKey from the FBI. The interesting aspect of the story concerns the fact that the iPhone in question is a 11 Pro Max, which is the best top of the range Apple with the highest level of protection.

It therefore seems strange that the same procedure cannot be used to access the devices related to the case of Pensacola, since this is an iPhone 7 and an iPhone 5 (the latter is even without the Secure Enclave). In short, the whole case of the media these days seems to look more like a polemic mounted art – probably to desensitize the public awareness of the fundamental importance of privacy and the right to encryption – rather than the expression of a real need on the part of the authorities.