Germany is preparing to deal once and for all, the dossier Huawei and the involvement of the chinese company is in the development ofinfrastructure of 5G of the Country.

According to sources of Reuters, it seems that Chancellor Angela Merkel will meet with representatives of the Conservatives – of which she is a part – to decide definitively whether to support or reject the proposal of the social Democrats – part of the coalition Government – which, indirectly, is asking for the ouster of Huawei in this field.

Following the events linked to the ban imposed by the United States, several Countries have begun to assess the possibility of breaking ties with Huawei, preventing the chinese society to take part in the construction of infrastructure, 5G is of strategic importance. The USA are carrying out a campaign of conviction of the allies in order to isolate Huawei – the latest statements suggest that trust in the company is insane -on grounds related to the security of individual Countries, supranational organisations (such as NATO) and the United States.

Remember the fact that the technology 5G will have a fundamental role in the future of military communications, which is why it is absolutely necessary to be certain that the network infrastructure is not present weak points, and any backdoors that may favors a Country outside, such as China.

The German Government aims to strengthen the rules and safety requirements for all suppliers without excluding one in particular, but the social Democrats aim to push the companies from countries without supervision is constitutional. The Conservatives, for their part, are divided on accepting or not the requirements are “less stringent” suggested by the government, given that a good part of the grid is in favour of the proposal social-democratic.

In short, Germany is at a crossroads and his decision to ask or less of the stakes to the presence of Huawei may have implications for the whole European Union, since it is impossible that a position may go unnoticed to other members. Also in Italy there seems to be no certainty on the subject; by a side we have the opening by the Put, while on the other a dry, no of the COMMITTEE.