Instagram brings the DM on the web

Instagram has launched the launch of the messaging live on the Web. For now, it’s just a test with a “small percentage” of users, but the functionality is globally available.

As reported by The Verge, the Direct Message UX of Instagram on the Web will be almost identical to iPhone and Android:

The experience of messaging direct will be essentially the same through the browser as on a mobile phone. You can create new groups or to start a chat with someone from the screen of the DM or from the profile page; you can also tap twice to put I like to a message, share photos from your desktop and see the total number of unread messages that you have. You will be able to receive notifications DM desktop if you enable notifications for the entire site Instagram in your browser.


Ashley Carman of The Verge has asked Instagram why is the DM on the Web have arrived before an app for the iPad, and a spokesperson avoided the question, stressing that it is not yet a priority for the company.

The move is in line with the thrust of Facebook to unify its messaging services on all of its platforms.

You can check if you are part of a small group of users around the world now has access to the DM on the Web. Instagram has not shared when it could deploy the feature to all users.