The AirPods have been a great success, now it is a fact, however, it is always interesting to quantify the success of this product in terms of units sold. Only in 2019, the company of Cupertino has in fact shipped nearly 60 million units.

AirPods 3

A result without a doubt significant, which confirms the great appreciation of the audience for what is surely one of the most successful products of the was Tim Cook, a product that has created a real market segment of great inspiration for many competitors.

According to a report shared by Strategy Analytics the AirPods have represented well the 50% of the sales of the entire sector of the headsets truly wireless, a result that, according to Strategy Analytics put Apple in a position absolutely dominant for at least the next five years. Chasing find Xiaomi, and Samsung, which are positioned on the second and third place behind Apple with a margin rather low, with a market share of just under 10% each.

Another extremely interesting with regards the revenues in this segment. The company of Cupertino holds currently 71% of the total proceeds of this segment, which is extremely remarkable that it can only confirm the dominance of headphones signed by Cupertino.

Now, in short, is no longer a secret. The AirPods are for Apple a great treasure, and without a shadow of a doubt one of the most successful products, as well as most appreciated by the users. How many of you own them?