OnePlus has just ended in Shenzhen, the event “2020 Screen Technology Communication Meeting” in which, as anticipated in recent days has unveiled new technology which will be based on the display of its smartphone, which will be placed on the market in the future. And OnePlus 8 – at least in the Pro version – could be the first of these.

The message is clear: if the 2019 has been the year of 90Hz, the year 2020 will be characterized by devices with panels that will have a refresh rate to 120Hz, making it extremely fluid user experience (and not only for those who play). A summary of the technical specifications has emerged of the panel just presented:

  • refresh rate up to 120Hz
  • OLED 2K+
  • the screen refresh rate to 240Hz, “the highest in the industry”
  • automatic adjustment of the brightness to 4096 levels
  • color calibration
  • chip independent MEMC (for the reduction of motion blur)
  • effect color display 10-bit
  • the highest standard of color reproduction JNCD* < 0,8 (* Just-Noticeable Color Difference). The average is < 2

According to OnePlus, the panel of the new generation will have more “fluidity, precision, and comfort”. Thus, it is clear the intention of the chinese company to become a reference point for the entire mobile sector, for what concerns the quality of the display: not only gaming, but in general, all the activities generally carried out via the screen of the smartphone will benefit from this important evolutionary step.

We are waiting for new details to be able to deepen the topic further.