After showing some brief teaser, Netflix has recently released the first extended trailer of his new fantasy series Norwegian called Ragnarok. Developed by SAM productions for the giant of the stream, the series offers a twist to the traditional mythological tale of Ragnarök. In the series we follow the story of a young man by the name Magne (David Stakston), who after arriving in the town of Edda along with his brother, he discovers he has strange powers far beyond those of a normal human being.

A sort of Thor in a modern key, which takes up the themes narrated in the text nordic of the 13th century, the Poetic Edda, marked in this particular series on Netflix.

Ragnarok will be available from 31 January, in the meantime we leave you to the vision of the first extended trailer official and we remind you that the giant of the stream has already shared the first information about the film that will release in the course of 2020.