There is still a few months to the release of the remake of Resident Evil 3 , next scheduled for April 3 on the PlayStation 4. In the meantime, the producer Peter Fabian, in an interview given to Official PlayStation Magazine UK for the February issue, has revealed some additional information on how the development team is working on the remake.

The news that immediately catches the eye, and that might disappoint fans of the saga, is related to the alternate endings, which have been removed. The remake, in fact, is to take place in fact with a single narrative, without forks.

A choice that could be understood in the perspective in which, with this remake, the developers want to give a final shape to the nebula, possibility is provided for by the original title. Also because we know that the plot will be modified, with secondary characters that seem destined to play a role of greater importance. And it also seems that Carlos will be playable for at least a section of the game.

Within the interview Fabiano also commented on Nemesis, that is, the main antagonist of the game, stating how Capcom has been working to make it even more scary for not only the original incarnation, but also of the Tyrant seen in the remake of Resident Evil 2 that came out last year (and which, as we have explained in the review, I liked a lot). Much of the work has focused on sound design, but it seems also TO be particularly sophisticated.

As for the model, polygon, Capcom has used photogrammetry, and has built a reproduction in real scale, which then has scanned and rebuilt in the game.

Compared to the original title, will also disappear the mode Mercenaries, a mini-game at the time in which the player could wander through the various environments in the shoes of different characters, with the aim of scoring the highest score possible. To replace it, however, there will be Resident Evil: Resistance, a new way (and unrelated to the main game) is structured around a multiplayer asymmetrical that seen in comparison with 4 players against one.