Pioneer has announced three new receivers for cars, that support all the function CarPlay Apple’s wireless. Among the most interesting figure of the model DMH-WT8600NEX.

pioneer ces 2020

The DMH-WT8600NEX has a touch display 10.1-inch high-quality. It is designed to fit a single slot DIN for those cars, maybe a little older who do not have additional space. The screen can be adjusted by the user.

The DMH-WT8600NEX will cost 1200$, but the company will also offer a version from 9 inches to slightly less expensive (us$ 1,000). The three wireless receivers CarPlay announced by Pioneer are all part of its range to the NEX point and include:

  • DMH-WT8600NEX (10.1-inch) / DMH-WT7600NEX (9-inch): feature setup with the display is floating and completely new, which allows you to install the device using a chassis universal 1-DIN. The screen floating offers the possibility of adjusting the horizontal, vertical, and tilt in order to ensure the best usability on the dashboard of the vehicle.
  • DMH-WC6600NEX (9-inch): the DMH-WC6600NEX joins the range Pioneer receivers, in-line with a modular solution that combines a large touchscreen display with a control unit concealed that installers can put them in separate compartments on the inside of the vehicle. The DMH-WC6600NEX has a suggested retail price of 900$.
  • DMH-W4660NEX / DMH-W4600NEX (6,8 inches): are the chassis 2DIN traditional for universal application in the majority of vehicles on the road. Both the DMH-W4660NEX that the DMH-W4600NEX have a suggested retail price of$600.

The new products will arrive in Italy by the end of the year.