Sharp has completed the acquisition of the subsidiary company Skytec Universal Media Corporation (UMC). The japanese brand has a long-standing relationship with UMC, which began with the sale to the latter of the rights to the license of the TV division in Europe during 2015. In 2017 Sharp has acquired a majority stake in UMC (56,7%), recovering therefore the trademark rights, the production and distribution of products in Europe.

With the passage of 100% of the shares, Sharp will get the plant in Poland and can improve the production capacity and distribution. The primary objective consists in the progress of the TV division, which will be on the improvements to the audio sectors, SDA and mobile telephony. The long-term vision is focused on the expansion of the portfolios of the 8K+5G (which made its debut at IFA last year), and AIoT (a term coined by merging AI – Artificial Intelligence – and IoT – the Internet of Things).

Kazuhiro Kitamura, CEO, Europe Business & BU President TV Systems, Sharp, and temporary in charge of the activity of Skytec UMC, said:

Our strategies are focused clearly on growth. From the side, with the acquisition of Skytec UMC, we want to grow in a significant way the brand in Europe, and on the other, with the expansion of 8K,+5G, and AIoT, we are moving further in the direction of a life style smart. Our goal is to be able to offer a comprehensive range of smart products, and lifestyle in the near future.