As reported by Bloomberg, Apple has registered a significant leap in the month of December with regard to shipments of the iPhone in China, thanks mainly to the popularity of the iPhone 11.

iphone cina

Shipments of the iPhone in China are growths of 18.7% in the month of December compared to the same period a year ago, for a total of 3.18 million units. This is an important increase compared to the previous month, thanks mainly to the success of the iPhone 11 that is appealing much to the chinese users, for both functions for the price. Also the two “Pro” models were very appreciated, especially for the duration of the battery.

Apple has also been able to even slightly lower the price of its iPhone, thanks to cuts in sales taxes triggered by the chinese government. In addition, the relations between China and the United States are improving, and this aspect is very important for chinese users, often, are very “vengeful”, especially when their country is threatened even at the commercial level.

Looking to the future, the double-digit growth in shipments in China bodes well for the future, also in view of the launch of the first iPhone 5G.