Google Assistant is present in Las Vegas, with many new features: the actions planned, virtual post-it, and a significant expansion of the ecosystem with new smart devices that are compatible are only a few of these. Among the functions of expectations – perhaps the most useful substance there is the mode the interpreter, originally launched on the smart speaker in February last year and later extended to iOS and Android. Well, now the company of Mountain View is bringing this service out by the personal devices, making it available in public places such as hotels, banks, bars and airports.

The solution was implemented with the help of Volara and SONIFI, for the purpose of eliminating the language barrier between people, especially in the workplace. Are 29 supported languages (Italian included), and all you need is a Nest Hub (our review can be found HERE). Between the first fact that will introduce the function will include the following:

  • Terminal 4 of JFK airport in New York
  • American Airlines
  • HSBC bank
  • several hotels in the USA, Japan and Qatar

The first airline ever to make use of an interpreter Google Assistant is American Airlines, which has already kicked off a test phase inside the lounge of Los Angeles International Airport. In this way, AA can provide its customers with a service that is more accurate, translating the phrases in real-time in all the major languages of the world.

Via the barriers, therefore, for a mode of travel more accessible. These are the words of Maya Leibman, Chief Information Officer of the airline:

The sci-fi universal translator has now become scientific.

The “recruitment of Assistant” on the part of American Airlines is part of a wider strategy of digitisation of the services of the airline, which provides, among other things, the scan of your passport in mobile format, send custom notifications to board and tour the virtual 3D of the aircraft.