At CES 2020 in progress in Las Vegas not only are we seeing so many products that will come on the market in the coming months, but many companies are also seizing the opportunity to show their vision of the future.

Among these, besides Sony has made an electric car or Toyota has thought even for a real smart city, there is also Samsung with Ballie, a little robot rolling, thanks to the artificial intelligence is able to perceive and recognize the people who are around, check home appliances and accessories connected, find solutions, or call us in case of problems. All while maintaining high standards regarding the protection of data and privacy.

Ballie is part of the philosophy of the “Age of Experience” that Samsung is adopting for its new products and services. A philosophy that “will transform the way we take care of ourselves and our family, how we can customize our homes to meet our needs.” In essence, smart devices that share data between them to make life easier.

Of Ballie do not know much more if not the one shown in the video. We know that it has two large side wheels, a nearly spherical shape and a camera and sensors on the front. Samsung, at the time, did not give information regarding the price and the availability on the market.