Nvidia, on the occasion of the CES 2020, update the driver Game Ready offering to the gamers of PC,have a video card GeForce, new features, among which is the ability to set the “Maximum Frame Rate” through the control panel.

The new option, which is defined by the company, the most-requested feature by users, so you can set a maximum limit for the frame rate in an application or a 3D game, a very useful system to help save energy, reduce latency or stay within a range update rate variable is specific to a compatible display G-SYNC or G-SYNC.

  • Energy saving: in this mode, the GPU frequency is reduced and it consumes less energy. For laptop users, the frequency of full frame also works together with the Battery Boost, and Whisper Mode.
  • Reduction of the latency of the system – In this mode, the GPU is kept at higher frequencies to process the frames as quickly as possible.
  • Keep in the Range VRR – Set the frame rate of a maximum slightly below the maximum update rate of the display to remain within the range of the refresh rate variable. For a more smooth and without jerking, it sets the low latency mode on the Ultra, and enable VSYNC.

The new drivers also introduce the VRSS, which uses the Variable Rate Shading for better image quality in games, VR, and an unpublished filter, the Splitscreen, to further customize screenshots and videos in any game that supports NVIDIA Freestyle.

Among the other functions of the new driver, there has been an update to the filter the Sharpness of the image, the immediate support for the other 8 display compatible G-SYNC and soon to the list of monitors if more will be added 17, including the new tvs LG OLED 2020 BFGD.

The company has finally announced that by the end of the week, Wolfenstein: Youngblood will receive a major upgrade that will introduce the ray tracing realistic, Nvidia DLSS and Nvidia Highlights. Update for Quake II RTX that it will implement a new photo mode, together with some changes and improvements.

  • Acer VG252QX (24.5” 1920×1080) – Compatible
  • Acer XB253Q GX (24.5” 1920×1080) – Compatible
  • Acer XV253QX (24.5” 1920×1080) – Compatible
  • ASUS VG259QM (24.5” 1920×1080) – Soon
  • ASUS VG279QM (27” 1920×1080) – Compatible
  • ASUS PG43UQ (43” 3840 x 2160) – coming Soon
  • Dell AW2521HF (24.5” 1920×1080) – Soon
  • Dell AW2521HFL (24.5” 1920×1080) – Soon
  • LG 38WN95C (37.5” 3840×1600) – Compatible
  • LG 28GN950 (37.5” 3840×1600) – Compatible
  • LG 34GN850 (34” 3440×1440) – coming Soon
  • View Sonic XG270 (27” 1920×1080) – Compatible


  • LG 2020 BX (55” 65” and 77” 3840 x 2160) – By the end of the year
  • LG 2020 CX (48” 55” 65” and 77” 3840 x 2160) – By the end of the annoLater this year
  • LG 2020 GX (55” 65” and 77” 3840 x 2160) – By the end of the year
  • LG 2020 ZX (77” and 88” 7680×4320) – By the end of the year
  • LG 2019 Z9 (88” 7680×4320) – Compatible (requires firmware update of the TV)