LG has officially announced the new range of TV 8K for the 2020. At CES in Las Vegas, which kicks off on the 7th of January (the press conferences are scheduled one or two days before), we see that, in all eight models including a new series of OLED and three series LCD founding fathers. The flagship will be constituted by the OLED Signature ZX, already leaked a few days ago, thanks to some timely rumors.

The planned cuts are two: all’88″ was already present in the series Z9 – HERE is our test – you add the 77″. Aesthetically, nothing seems changed for the’88”, while the 77″ has a more pedestal more traditional, and almost certainly you will be able to hang on the wall. As far as the founding fathers instead, we Nano99 , Nano97 and Nano95 in the cuts by 75″ and 65″.

All products are certified 8K Ultra HD, and comply with the requirements imposed by the CTA (Consumer Technology Association). LG had declared shortly before Christmas, and it also reaffirms in the new press release. The use of the label “8K Ultra HD” is the bride – not the case with the logo “Real 8K“, used to underline the difference with the competition, specifically with Samsung.

The OLED and the founding fathers of LG are in fact able to exceed the minimum value set for the so-called “Contrast Modulation (CM), a system that measures the resolution going beyond the simple counting of the pixels. The CM assesses the ability to distinguish the pixels to the eye. The products manufactured by LG to exceed the 50% threshold, considered essential to the reading of texts – to the images it is enough to 25%.

The range 8K 2020 is capable of play content 8K from HDMI 2.1 and USB. It cites support for the codec ready hevc, VP9 , and AV1. The latter will probably be used by the various services streaming in the future – LG mentions YouTube among the main supporters. Users can then view the video in 8K up to 60 frames per second via HDMI, both in streaming.

To manage all the operations is theAlpha 9 Gen 3 TO the Processor, the third iteration of the Alpha 9 here with “deep learning”. The electronics analyzes all the video and audio signals in input and it optimizes them by leveraging image upscaling algorithms, designed specifically for the televisions to 8K. The interventions include the “Quad Step Noise Reduction” (noise reduction on four levels) and the “Sharpness Enhancer” to increase the level of detail.

THE Picture Pro” recognizes the faces and the text on the screen, and apply to each of the targeted interventions. It speaks specifically to the tones of the skin the most natural, the most defined and clean and more readable text. “Car Genre Selection” instead, it works on the type of content on the screen. The analysis of the images allows to automatically select the video mode most proper for movies, sports, content with a “standard” animation.

Also the sound is processed by the Alpha 9 to the third generation. “THE Sound Pro” ranking the audio played in five categories: music, movies, sports, content, genre, or dramatic news. Are then applied to the appropriate changes in order to isolate the voices and increase the volume, so to make it easier to understand the dialogues. The sounds in the background, instead, are processed to recreate an effect at a 5.1 channel virtual.

To complete the outfit are the inevitable features “smart”. You can monitor and manage products developed for the internet of things directly from the home dashboard. Back even the vocal interaction, improved the recognition system ThinQ and compatible with Google Assistant , and Alexa. For the latter, there is also talk of an update that will implement the “Far-Field Voice” and that should allow then to interact even when the environment is more noisy and listen to music at high volume. Also confirmed is support for AirPlay 2 and HomeKit.

Park Hyoung-sei, president of LG’s Home Entertainment Company, said:

LG is also deeply committed to provide the consumer an experience of incredible vision. With the OLED TV, and founding fathers of 8K, our customers know they can have future-proof, that will offer image quality that is able to fascinate the viewer, regardless of format used.

More details will come in a few days from Las Vegas. The products on show at CES 2020 will go beyond the TV 8K, as anticipated yesterday, the south Korean company.