We discover new details about the Samsung Galaxy S11 (or S20?) and Galaxy Fold 2 thanks to the latest Android update 10 (and OneUI 2.0) in the distribution from the last day of the year on Galaxy Note 9. Rummaging through the intricacies of the file system, the colleagues of xda-developers have noted several interesting information, in particular related to the camera; in the past, this method of investigation proved to be particularly profitable, because it has allowed us to know before the launch all the functions of the camera app of the Galaxy S10.

  • Directors View: it Had already been spotted, but with the addition of new strings you can start to guess what is it: in practice, this should allow you to choose a subject and keep it in the fire, probably also changing the camera on the fly. It will also be possible to film close-ups of the subject.
  • Single Take Photo: Even in this case the name is not new, but now we know what it should be. Apparently, it is the implementation of Samsung’s Photobooth Mode of the Google Pixel, in which the AI decides by itself the perfect time to take a photo. It seems Samsung focuses on the selfie; the user may move the smartphone in order to get the best background.
  • Pro Video: this mode Is for advanced logging that was present time ago on the Galaxy smartphone. Currently it has been removed and remained only the Pro Photo. Apparently, Samsung intends to retrace their steps.
  • 4 new effects bokeh: called Artify, Mono, Side Light and Vintage. From the arrival of the Galaxy Note 8, the camera app of top of the range Samsung allows you to change the effects of blur of the backgrounds of the photos after that were taken.
  • Health battery: it seems that a function similar to that available on iOS for a few years now. Will indicate when the battery is already ruined and in need of replacement.
  • Super Fast charging on the Galaxy Fold 2: Some resources suggest that the second folding of the Samsung, that looks like the shape of the Motorola RAZR 2019, will support charging, ultra-fast. For Samsung the trade name “Super Fast Charging” corresponds to maximum power ranging between 25 and 45 watts, depending on the device involved. THIS will be the animation that will indicate the charging high-speed: it will be shown in the secondary display outside. We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that Fold 2 should have two batteries, a solution that will allow Samsung to optimise the space. The capacity will be reduced: the smaller of the two is expected to be 900 mAh.