Actions Apple have reached a new historic high yesterday, reaching a closing price equal to$300.

azioni apple

The result reached by the title AAPL confirms the important growth of the company in the course of the last year in terms of earnings and units sold.

Suffice it to say that, at the beginning of January 2019, the Apple stock had a value of 144$ after the company had announced a lowering of the estimates of revenues and the sales of iphones for the first quarter of the year. That news was concerned not just investors, but since then, Apple has mastered record on a record in terms of turnover.

Thanks to an excellent 2019, now the value of the shares Apple, reached a$300, a historic high for the company from Cupertino. This result was achieved thanks to various factors such as the launch of new services, lowering prices on certain products and the great success of the iPhone 11.