Apple will be present at CES 2020 to Las Vegas after 28 years since his last appearance not only to talk about privacy, as anticipated in recent days. In a smartphone market that is only now starting to show timid signs of recovery, the company from Cupertino – as well as all of its major competitors – by the time it entered into the business of smart home, the potential of which (experts say) are still largely untapped.

Thus it will be HomeKit the protagonist of the talks that Apple will be in Las Vegas, the conference of January 7 (reserved for customers) including. According to what reported by Bloomberg, the californian company will be present with its system of home automation with various partner companies that have developed solutions that are compatible. To present at the event will get these products, all based on the Syrians and on the potential of the virtual assistant of Cupertino. No new hardware, however, but only a sort of showroom where you show what these products are capable of doing.

Like Apple, the other big market will lead in Nevada similar solutions: Samsung with Bixby for the smart home, and Amazon, with Alexa – species, with proposals dedicated to the automotive industry – Google, with his Assistant. In practice, all will benefit from the media attention in those days to show the solutions developed by the partners and, above all, to highlight the level of development achieved and emphasize how profitable it is (and may be even more) in the sector.

And surely, this is not a case that just a few days ago just Amazon, Apple and Google have joined the working group (which already has among its ranks SmartThings Samsung) to promote a new communication standard for the smart home. Not only smart speaker – a field in which Apple is still lagging and see the Amazon to the command – but an entire ecosystem to be complete and perfect to manage the devices in your home and not only (see all the automotive world, one of the key sectors of the Las Vegas event).