During the christmas period, the App Store has made to record important numbers, with a +16% of spending users compared to the same period of 2018. In terms of revenue, the Google Play Store is still behind.

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The data shared by Sensor Tower confirms that consumers continue to spend amounts high on both the App Store and on Google Play during the christmas period. In particular, have been spent 277 million dollars in only one day of Christmas 2019, with a +11.3% compared to the same day in 2018. Consumer spending in apps and mobile games on Christmas day accounted for 5% of the revenues of the two stores in the month of December. In total, the December sales reached $ 5.1 billion, with an increase of 8% compared to the 4.7 billion spent in December 2018.

The christmas period is usually the most prolific store of apps and mobile games just because so many receive as gifts new iOS and Android devices. In addition, many people receive as a gift of money or vouchers to spend on the various store.

In comparative terms, the App Store continues to represent the majority of revenue, with 193 million dollars in only one day of Christmas (+16% compared to a year ago).

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The revenue of Apple in the Christmas day accounted for about 70% of the total expenditure on both platforms, with the Google Play Store which has reached “only” 84 million dollars. The market for Android apps has also recorded a growth lower, at 2.7% compared to the same day in 2018.

Data christmas confirms what already seen in the past, when the App Store has always dominated in terms of revenues, albeit with a smaller number of total downloads of apps and games. Also in the first half of 2019, the App Store has created nearly 1.8 times the revenue of the Google Play Store.

With regard to the two stores, the games category is the one that reported revenue higher, with 210 million dollars in only one day of Christmas (76% of the total, +8% year-on-year). The other apps have totaled $ 67 million, with a +2% compared to the year 2018. Of these, the Entertainment category is the one with the most income high, mainly thanks to the services of video streaming.

The app “not a game” with the highest revenue on Christmas day was Tinder, with revenues amounting to $ 2.1 million in 24 hours.

And you, what you have purchased on the App Store over the christmas period?