Telegram update: Build verifiable, editor new themes, online submission and much more

Telegram is the only messaging app on the market to be open source. In fact, from 2013 this not only enables independent researchers to verify the integrity of the encryption end-to-end, but also allows you to search for any vulnerability or backdoor.

Starting from this update, Telegram is the first app that allows you to independently verify that the code on GitHub is the same one used to create the app downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

Telegram Star Wars

Theme Editor 2.0

Using the new theme editor, you can quickly change the style of elements in the chat, Telegram and add fantastic nuances to the messages and the background.

Once you are finished editing, you can share quickly the result of our work with your friends so that they can continue to optimize the theme.

By the way, this update includes dozens of new fantastic patterns that can be applied to the background.

pattern telegram

New default colors

Have been added new predefined color combinations for the themes of the Telegram.

Send when online

For the messages that must be delivered at the perfect time Telegram has added the option to schedule messages to be sent when the recipient is online.

Note that this option is available only if you are allowed to see the online status of your recipient.

Location sharing improved

The location sharing was updated to facilitate the search of places. Now you can tap on a place directly on the map to select it.

Displays the search results as a list

The search function allows you to easily jump between messages containing a key word or sent from a particular person p from a given day. By tapping the bottom bar it now goes to the list view if you want to see all the results on one page.

On iOS, we can also select several messages without having to exit the search mode.

selezione messaggi ricerca

Support for podcasts and audiobooks

Podcasts and audiobooks now receive a special treatment, with the app of Telegram will remember the last position when you resume the playback of the audio files for more than 20 minutes.

If we want the podcast to come to a certain point, the faster we can use the new button 2x (already available for voice messages).

On iOS, you can jump back and forth with a scrub to high precision: it is enough to simply hold down on the progress bar and slide your finger downward, then to the left or to the right.

Text size

It is now possible to resize the size of fonts in the whole app.

dimensioni testo telegram

Choose the browser

The external browsers are now supported for opening links, you can select your favorite app in the Settings – Data and store – More – Open link in…scelta browser

Chat suggested

The chat frequent Telegram have been added automatically to the sharing menu of iOS. You can enable or disable the chat suggested for each account that we suggerite

Change your account more quickly

Was added the ability to quickly change the account directly from the home screen on iOS 13. Simply press and hold the icon of the app every time we want to switch the account.cambio account