With the introduction of the iPhone X, Apple has drastically changed the design of the supoi smartphone also introducing the much loved/hated notch where you can find all the sensors useful for the Face ID. Now, however, all the competition goes towards the display completely free of edges, and many wonder if Apple will in a short time to leave the notch.

Previously, some reports had spoken of the possibility of seeing an iPhone with Touch ID and Face ID, but only in 2021, since I’ll have to work to reduce the size of the sensors necessary for the operation of the Face ID.

A new report, however, seems to suggest that this step could occur already in 2020 with at least one model of the iPhone high-end, which will leave the notch in favour of a design full borderless, and with a Touch ID below the display instead of the Face ID.

LetsGoDigital cites a presentation from Credit Suisse:

At mid-year, has emerged the rumor that Apple would have chosen a completely new design in 2020. China Times has been able to collect some important information during the MWC Shanghai during a presentation of Credit Suisse. The swiss provider of financial services reported that Apple’s supplier are in the process of finalising the development of a full-screen display for a model of the iPhone of 2020.

To get a design at full screen, the front camera will be positioned below the screen, you will lose the technology Face ID, but it will be equipped with a Touch ID integrated in the display.

The source and then charged the missed dose by taking note that there are also three design patents of Apple for an iPhone of 2020 without the notch:

Apple Inc. three important design patents in Japan, which show an iPhone without the notch. The documentation was published by the JPO (Japan Patent Office) on December 23, 2019, and includes four images for each patent. The front camera is positioned below the screen.

Our doubts are all about the camera placed under the screen, a technology still in the refinement stage, and maybe a bit premature, although in the latest demonstrations things seem to be greatly improved compared to the first prototypes.

What do you think of this report? Hope you also are in model of the iPhone 12 with this form-factor?