Tired of the notch of the iPhone? Probably yes, seeing that now there is company and three generations – from the iPhone X forward, for instance, presented in the “far” September 2017. Not even the time to enjoy the triptych 2019 formed by the patterns 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max that already talk about what is (and is not even the first time, see the rumors according to which it will be a reprise of the iPhone 4).

To whet the imagination of the public opinion, we think the Japan Patent Office, which in fact goes to “confirm” what emerged last summer as a result of rumor, coming from the East: in July, you said that – sooner or later, perhaps in 2021 – the iPhone would have given up a notch definitely, going for a more discreet in the year that is about to begin. Now the patent office japanese has published a document in which Apple shows a smartphone “full screen”, although with edges that are not just reduced to a minimum.

Be careful, though: the design refers explicitly to the user interface, and not directly to the form factor of the body. Curious to notice, however, how the company from Cupertino will show the device from more angles, even side, from which the UI definitely is not seen. It may therefore be a documentation in which Apple probe the soil to test the operation of the interface in case the smartphone does not present notch, but it is not ruled out, no other track.

To follow an image created by Letsgodigital on the basis of what has emerged.

From the images are not visible sensors for fingerprints, cameras, or anything else, just the speaker front, the side buttons and the bump – step – of the camera compartment from the back (although the back remains a mystery).

There are few details provided by the patent, and it runs also the risk of running too far with the fantasy. We consider this documentation as a given at our disposal, to add to all the rumors ever surfaced, and to evaluate with care. Among them, the stabilized sensor in some variations, connectivity and 5G, which are, according to the Nikkei, it will be guaranteed from the modem Snapdragon X55 Qualcomm.