All of the products and services launched by Apple in 2019

The 2019 has been a significant year for Apple, with the launch of a new range of three iPhone updated, AirPods Pro with noise cancellation, the long-awaited MacBook Pro 16-inch and the Mac Pro high-end modular for the user base of the professional.

There were also many new services, including Apple TV, Apple News +, the Apple Arcade and the Apple Card. In this article, we have created an overview of everything that Apple has launched in 2019.



iPad Air 10.5 inches

Apple has added a new iPad to its range in march, launching the new iPad Air 10.5 inches. With 10.5 inches and with a base price of € 569, the iPad Air is designed to offer an option intermediate between the expensive iPad Pro by 11 inches and cost-effective iPad seventh-generation 10.2-inch.

The iPad Air offers a display of True Tone and a design similar to the iPad Pro, 10.5-inch now out of production, as well as a chip A12 Bionic, support for Apple Pencil and a Smart Connector that enables it to work with the Smart Keyboard of Apple.

The specifications of the iPad Air are identical to the iPad mini 5, but has a body much bigger.

iPad Air 10,5

iPad mini 5

Apple in march, he introduced the first update to its line of iPad mini after several years, launching the iPad mini 5 with support True Tone, a chip A12 Bionic faster and, for the first time, the Apple support Pencil.

The iPad mini is functionally identical to the iPad Air, but with the form factor of a small tablet, 7.9-inch Apple. The price of iPad mini starts from £ 459, making it the most expensive of the iPad the seventh generation, but cheaper than the iPad Air.

iPad mini 5

iMac 4K and 5K

Apple has updated its iMac 4K and 5K in march with new processors and graphics options that make the new machines an “incredibly powerful“, but there were no other updates or design view.

The imacs are still using the same design that was introduced in 2012, but the newest models are the most powerful. iMac Pro has not received an update in 2019 and has not been updated since it was launched in 2017.


AirPods 2

Apple has presented the AirPods second generation in march, adding a chip H1 up to date with improvements to connectivity and exchange fastest of the devices, in addition to supporting “Hey Siri“.

AirPods 2 is provided with a housing of the wireless charging option which allows you to load the AirPods using a wireless charger based on Qi. The AirPods without the charging case has a price of € 179, while the option with the charging case has a price of 229€.

Apart from the updates of the chip, and the new charging case, the AirPods 2 are identical to the AirPods 1 with the same battery life of five hours.

AirPods 2

Apple News +

Apple has focused a lot of attention in the services of the subscription in 2019, and the first service launched was the Apple News +.

Apple News + has a price of $ 9.99 per month in the United States (not yet available in Italy) and offers users access to hundreds of magazines and different news sites to charge as The Wall Street Journal. Apple has offered a free trial version of 30 days of Apple News +, but the reports suggest that the service is not very popular among users and has not seen much growth since launch.

Apple News +

PowerBeats Pro

Two months after the introduction of AirPods 2, Apple has launched the Powerbeats Pro, offering wireless headphones aimed at the fitness enthusiasts.

Powerbeats Pro has a design in-ear tips in silicone and a wing wrap-around designed to keep them in position even during vigorous activity. For the price of € 249,95, the Powerbeats Pro are superior to the AirPods in many ways, offering a greater battery life and a more snug fit thanks to the silicone pads.

Powerbeats Pro has the same chip H1 is present in the AirPods, which means that they have all the same functionality as the fast exchange of the devices, the configuration is simple and the supporting “Hey Siri“. Powerbeats Pro is the largest of the AirPods, and the case does not support the wireless charging.

PowerBeats Pro


MacBook Pro 13′ and 15′

Apple has updated the MacBook Pro models in 2019, a review of the high-end models 13 and 15 inches in may and upgrading the entry-level model in July 2019.

The MacBook Pro models have received the new chip of the eighth and ninth generation , and updated graphics, along with the keyboards at a butterfly that is said to be more durable. The most significant change was the addition of a Touch Bar throughout the range, adding the feature to the entry-level model.

MacBook Pro


iPod touch, seventh-generation

Apple has updated the iPod touch for the first time after several years in may, by introducing a chip A10 Fusion faster. It is not as fast as the chips more modern in the current iPhone, but it is an improvement over that of the iPod touch sixth-generation.

Apple has not made any other changes to the design of the iPod touch and continues to offer a 4-inch display and a body with a Home button but no fingerprint sensor Touch ID.

iPod Touch


MacBook Air

Apple has updated the MacBook Air in July, introducing a display up-to-date with support True Tone more a keyboard butterfly updated that should be more durable.

There have been no other changes of design and the MacBook Air 2019 using the same redesign with the Retina display which was introduced for the first time in October 2018. The prices on the MacBook Air will now start from € 1279.

MacBook Air


Apple Card

In August, Apple unveiled the Apple Card, its first credit card ever, created in collaboration with Goldman Sachs. The Apple Card is connected to Apple Pay, and is integrated directly in the app Wallet, also there is a physical card in titanium to use for purchases.

The Apple Card is designed to be easy to use, with everything that is managed in the app Wallet. We can view detailed reports on the expenditures to keep track of what we purchased and make payments directly on the iPhone.

Apple offers cash prizes daily for the Apple Card, which gives us a percentage of each purchase. We can get 1% for purchases generic, 2% for all purchases of Apple Pay and the 3% for purchases of Apple Pay made by Apple or from selected retailers like T-Mobile, Walgreens, Nike and Duane Reade.

Apple Card

September/October (Software)

In the fall, Apple has released a new software for the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV and Apple Watch, launched iOS 13, iPadOS 13, macOS Catalina, tvOS 13 and watchOS 6.

iOS 13 for the first time, breaks down iOS two operating systems separate: iOS for iPhone and iPadOS iPad. The updates are virtually identical, but iPadOS has some additional features designed for the larger screen of the iPad such as multitasking and the support of a Sidecar.

The update adds a Photos app revised, new features, video editing, major improvements in privacy, updated Maps, new features, HomeKit, and much more.

iOS 13

macOS Catalina is a big change because it eliminates the app to iTunes for app separate music, movies and podcasts. It also has a new feature Sidecar for the use of the iPad as a secondary display for a Mac, there is a new app Where it is, support for Screen Time and tons of additional features.

macOS Catalina

watchOS 6 introduced for the first time an App Store dedicated, allowing you to download the app directly from your wrist. There is also a new app, the Noise to make sure that the environmental noise around us is not strong enough to damage your hearing, and a new app for monitoring of the menstrual cycle for women.

Audio books, calculator, and voice memos have been ported to the Apple Watch along with new complications, and dials.

watchOS 6

tvOS 13 has brought a new Home screen for the Apple TV, making it easier than ever to search for content, also includes the TV apps, a new Control Centre, multi-user support and picture-in-picture.

tvOS 13


iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max

Presented in September, iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max are the new iPhone flagship Apple with chip A13 updated, new camera technology, Haptic Touch, Face ID faster and more.

The iPhone 11 is the model of the “economy” of Apple, which starts from € 839, while the iPhone 11 Pro (€ 1189) and Pro Max (€ 1289) are the premium models. The iPhone 11 is equipped with an aluminium frame, a glass body, and an LCD display, while the iPhone high-end feature a stainless steel frame more resistant, a glass body and OLED display.

The iPhone 11 is equipped with a camera double lens with a wide angle and a new ultra wide-angle lens, while the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max have a configuration of triple lens with a wide angle camera, camera ultra wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens.

All of the new iPhone have camera capabilities the best and support the night mode, the new feature from Apple that allows us to take pictures sharp and clear in an impressive way, even in lighting conditions low.

iPhone 11 e 11 Pro

Apple Watch Series 5

Apple has not changed much in the Apple Watch Series 5, which continues to use the same chip as the 4 Series. However, it has a display, always-on, that is the biggest difference between the Series 4 and Series 5 models.

The display is always active, it always displays the time and some of the complications and apps without the need to lift the wrist. The series 5 also feature a new app, the built-in compass, along with new options of ceramic. The price on the Apple Watch Series 5 starts from € 459.

Apple Watch Series 5

iPad the seventh generation

Apple revised the iPad entry-level in September, adding a new display 10.2-inch maintaining the price of € 389. The new display offers a greater viewing area, and continues to support Apple Pencil.

For the first time, the iPad the seventh generation works with Smart Keyboard , using a new Smart Connector. In addition to the new size of the display, and the addition of a Smart Connector, the iPad the seventh generation is identical to the model of the sixth generation, using the same technology of the camera and the chip, the A10 Fusion.

iPad di settima generazione

Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade is another of the new services of Apple, which offers access to hundreds of games for a cost of € 4.99 per month. Since Apple Arcade was launched in September, Apple has continually added new games.

The sharing of the family is supported, then the monthly fee allows up to six family members to access the games Apple Arcade. All of the games Apple Arcade are exclusive to Apple when it comes to mobile availability, and come from some great partners such as Cartoon Network, LEGO, and Konami.

Games Apple Arcade can be played offline and have no advertising or in-app purchases. All the content is included in the monthly fee.

Apple Arcade


AirPods Pro

In October, Apple surprised us with the new AirPods Pro, a new version of the high-end of the AirPods with a design revised and feature active noise cancellation.

The AirPods Pro have a design that is reminiscent of the AirPod original, but with the tips in silicone and fit the ear canal to seal noise for the noise cancellation technology.

Available in white only and at a price of € 279, AirPods Pro also offers superior sound quality and a Transparency mode that allows us to hear what is happening around us.

AirPods Pro uses the same chip H1 is present in the AirPods and there is a ventilation system designed to minimize the discomfort common with other design in-ear. The AirPods Pro are water resistant with a degree of protection IPX4 and are also equipped with a wireless charging shell , is the largest of the housing AirPods because of its need to accommodate the tips great.

AirPods Pro


Apple TV +

Apple TV is the streaming service for television by Apple, at a price of € 4.99 per month. There is a free trial of a month and Apple is also offering a free year of Apple TV + to anyone who has purchased a new iPhone, Mac, Apple TV or iPod after the September 10, 2019.

Apple TV + was launched with a handful of TV programs such as “For All Mankind“, “The Morning Show“, “See” and “Dickinson“, but it will take time before the company creates a solid catalog of content. Apple regularly adds new programs to Apple TV + and all content can be watched by a maximum of six members of the family using the share family.

Apple TV +

MacBook Pro 16-inch

Apple in November has updated the MacBook Pro for the third time in 2019, by introducing a new model, 16-inch that replaces the model 15-inch, which was updated in may 2019.

The MacBook Pro by 16-inch has a display of 16 inches, the biggest with frames thinner, also has a new keyboard that eliminates the much-hated mechanism of the butterfly in favor of a new scissor mechanism that should not be subject to failure.

The MacBook Pro by 16-inch using the Intel chips of the ninth generation, together with the graphics of the series AMD Radeon Pro 5000M. Supports up to 64 GB of RAM and up to 8 TB of storage space. It continues to have a Touch Bar and Touch ID, but Apple has made one useful change: the ESC key is not part of the Touch Bar and is now a physical key.

MacBook Pro da 16 pollici


Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR

After introducing the Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR at the beginning of the year, Apple launched the new hardware in December. The Mac Pro is a machine designed for professionals and presents a new modular design and upgradeable with high-end hardware.

Supports chip Xeon with a maximum of 28 core, up to 1.5 TB of memory, eight PCIe expansion slot, 4 TB of memory, SSD and GPU Radeon Pro Vega II Duo, in addition to a card accelerator Apple Afterburner designed by Apple, which improves the performance of the ProRes. The prices on the Mac Pro start at $ 6599.

Apple sells the Mac Pro along with the Pro Display XDR, a Retina display 6K by 32-inch , which offers more than 20 million pixels. Its design corresponds to the design of the Mac Pro, and has a starting price of € 5559. This price does not include the price of the stand, which has a price of € 1099.

Mac Pro

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