WhatsApp: the 2 most waiting for in arrival in 2020 @BitFeedCo.

While the messages that self-destruct are not the reason for the popularity of Snapchat, it seems that the messaging app WhatsApp is planning to add the function in 2020. Unlike the first, WhatsApp is a communication tool that offers encrypted end-to-end and which is used by over 1 billion people in the world.

One of the features are in the pipeline in 2020 will automatically delete the sent messages. Users will be able to select how long a message will be visible before being deleted (hopefully in a definitive way): options include an hour, a day, a week, a month and a year. And a message could be selected to stay on WhatsApp for ever by simply selecting the option that disables the delete function.

Another feature that will come in 2020 on WhatsApp is the support for the Dark Mode. A bit like the other apps that support it, WhatsApp will connect to the Dark Mode at the system level on Android 10 and iOS 13 in order to illuminate in line with all the other apps. And with a black background, those who use a smartphone with an AMOLED display will be able to save a bit of battery. This is because the black color is created on such displays by disabling the affected pixels: pixels are deactivated, it does not need to be powered from the battery.

In short, we can expect the beginning of 2020-full of news for WhatsApp. Unfortunately they are not available yet exact timing on the arrival but, considering that we are dealing with two functions already in testing by several months, the arrival should take place already in the first weeks.


WhatsApp: the 2 most waiting for in arrival in 2020 @BitFeedCo.