Photographer Amos Chapple traveled from the Russian city of Murmansk to take a series of extraordinary photos. In fact, you managed to capture well the forty days of continuous darkness with night mode on iPhone 11.

Chapple told the story in a photo essay on PetaPixel. For his latest photo essay “the Forty days of darkness,“ has purchased the new iPhone 11 Pro and went to Murmansk in Russia, the largest city in the arctic circle, where from the month of December to January the sun never rises. With the camera of the iPhone and its “night mode”, shot for forty days.

Chapple was delighted with the results obtained with the new iPhone, which has given him a level of freedom unprecedented, in fact, is released around 12 hours per day to take without having any SD card to keep under control, no stack of batteries to charge, no bag full of lenses.

Chapple has finally recalled the night mode present on the new iPhone, saying that it almost seems like witchcraft. No shutter blur, nessno shot out of focus. He goes on to say that the most strange thing is that, every time there was movement in the frame, such as a person walking or simply snow, the camera somehow got stuck, or softens slightly to this movement. Only drawback found by the photographer is the inability to manually turn on night mode to the user’s liking.

Below you can find some sample photos taken during these forty days.