Pendrive Kodak waterproof super offer on eBay @BitFeedCo.

Although Kodak is a company most known for its experience in the field of photography in recent times has decided to differentiate its offering by entering into other segments of hi-tech companies, among which the one of the memories. In this regard, we point out that on eBay are being proposed by a number of very attractive deals to be linked to some pendrive Kodak waterproof.

In particular, are being proposed in the discount models Kodak K133/K123 in denominations of 16, 32, 64, 128 and 256 GB. In all cases, we are faced with a pendrive with the USB 3.0 port with data transfer rate in reading around 120 MB/s. The all in one body long-only 57 mm and resistant to infiltration of water and dust.

Beyond the excellent technical characteristics and the sale price definitely intriguing associated with deals that we are proposing, these pendrive Kodak waterproof they also have an element of design to their advantage: they are small, super lightweight, with an appendix in the fabric of the very practice that allows you to connect to your keychain.

pendrive Kodak impermeabili

Anyway, in case you’re looking for a new flash drive for storing your files, the pendrive Kodak waterproof you can buy through this link (the store is yooni5258, whose reputation is very good, judging from the almost 2000 reviews), to:

  • K133 16GB model for $ 5.19
  • K133 32GB – €6.39
  • K133 64GB at €8.89
  • K133 128GB at €13.69
  • K133 256GB at €29.39
  • K123 16GB model for $ 5.89
  • K123 32GB – €6.79
  • K123 64GB at €9.39
  • K123 128GB at €23.97

Pendrive Kodak waterproof super offer on eBay @BitFeedCo.