Update 24/12

In the course of an interview by Venture Beat (in the SOURCE), the team manager of Cortana, Andrew Shuman has provided some interesting details regarding the removal of the digital assistant to Android and iOS. In summary:

  • is confirmed theabandonment of Cortana: the app will no longer be available on the two operating systems from Google and Apple
  • the app, Cortana will remain active only in the United States. Reasons:
    • serves for the management of the headphones, Surface, run – exactly – in the USA. Sin, however, is that the device now is also available in other Countries: in this case, in order to manage the headphones will need to rely on Cortana for Windows.
    • Cortana has not had a large spread outside of the USA
    • Microsoft wants to experiment with new solutions

Shuman also confirmed that the Surface Earbuds will come in the course of next spring, as anticipated by Panos Panay last month.

Update 16/11

After the rumor came the certainties, Microsoft will remove the apps Cortana to Android and iOS , and the company will remove support for the voice assistant from Microsoft Launcher. The confirmation comes from a support article published by Microsoft, where on the 31st of January 2020 is indicated as the last day of the availability of Cortana on mobile devices. In addition to the removal of the related app, it will be also an update of Microsoft Launcher, which will inhibit the use of Cortana.

At the time, the support pages are only to be found in the web sites of Microsoft Australia , Microsoft Canada, and Microsoft UK, but it is not excluded that the ta operation to be extended in a short time to other markets, including our own.

Original Article

Cortana is slowly changing target: the virtual assistant is a nod to a more and more eye in the world of business and productivity, without, however, abandoning the environment to the consumer. An example of this is the release of a new app for Windows 10 took place this summer.

What is undergoing an evolution is the integration of Cortana with the smartphone: according to the latest rumors, the virtual assistant may soon be removed from the Microsoft Launcher for Android. The motivation rests on the fact that Cortana is no longer a priority in the mobile area, after the surrender, to compete in a more direct manner with the same Alexa and Google Assistant.

Cortana and the segment of the business will therefore be increasingly linked and inter-related in the future, the element that will bring the assistant to be less dedicated to the situation of purely mobile. For the moment, the dedicated function is still present in the Microsoft Launcher on Android: if it should really be removed, they would be very few traces of its presence on smartphones, forcing users to fall back to the only two competing solutions.