Z-Wave will become open source by 2020 Android Blog Italy.

In what seems like a move to be taken into consideration in the decision to create a shared standard for the smart home, Google, Amazon, IKEA and several other companies (Project Connected Home-over-IP), Silicon Labs has decided to make it open source, starting from 2020, the protocol Z-Wave.

Z-Wave is currently a standard owner of the property of Silicon Labs. The company is the only manufacturer of the chip and manages the Z-Wave Alliance, which is responsible for certification and compatibility before products can be sold.

The proprietary nature of the strategy of certification and production has long been a controversial point around Z-Wave. It is often more expensive to integrate than competitors such as Zigbee and is not popular among the security vendors, because they can’t change supplier if Silicon Labs is no longer an option, or decides to raise prices.

Today’s announcement addresses these concerns with two changes that will happen in the second half of 2020. In the first place, Silicon Labs will turn the Z-Wave Alleance in a separate organization to act more as a body of traditional standard that will oversee the growth while at the same time the role of the certifier of the product. Along with this, the same Z-Wave will be opened to allow companies to develop chips of its own initiative.

In addition an attempt to be taken into consideration, it is also a way to try to stay in the dance in the market of the smart home is more and more rich of the involved competitors. In fact, why companies should use the protocol Z-Wave behind the payment of royalties when they can decide to use the far more common Bluetooth or the Zigbee protocol?


Z-Wave will become open source by 2020 Android Blog Italy.