Motorola Razr delayed due to the high demand for Android Blog Italy.

Despite the Samsung Galaxy Fold both arrived first on the market (after a series of events) and has sold about 1 million units by then (this figure has been disputed by many), is the Motorola Razr smartphone flexible of the wishes of the users. To prove this there is the fact that Lenovo has been forced to delay shipments due to high demand.

The preorders were originally planned to start on the 26th of December, ahead of the launch on the 9th of January, but it seems that you will have to wait longer than expected. Motorola has stated that he does not foresee “a major shift” from the original launch, so we hope the delay is not too long (maybe only a few days).

Unlike the other smartphone options that we saw in the 2019, the Moto Razr is not a top of the range. Lenovo, in fact, has decided to “play it safe” and, in view of the aesthetic which is very thin and particular, has not wanted to risk to equip the SoC is very powerful for via a dissipation is not optimal. And then inside we find a SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 combined with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory.

But the real workhorse of this smartphone is, without a doubt, the flexible display 6.2-inch with the appearance of the shape of 21:9 that, thanks to a series of hinges which Lenovo should be very proud, and allows you to fold it on the short side, and don’t present any sign on the central part.

With regard to the sale price, the Motorola Razr is being offered at 1500 euros, which, although high, is less than 2.050 euros of the Samsung Galaxy Fold and 2500 dollars of the Huawei Mate X.


Motorola Razr delayed due to the high demand for Android Blog Italy.