Google Staff supports finally the trophies Android Blog Italy.

One of the promises not kept by Google with regard to the service of game streaming, Google Staff has been the integration of the trophies from the first day. In fact, the service was launched with a series of failings, including that of the trophy. After then being introduced to the media at the digital store from a web browser, the Mountain View giant has finally introduced support for trophies.

The trophies on the Google Staff, they function exactly the same as on any other platform. When you complete the specific targets in the games, you will see a new notification that informs you of what has been done. As promised by Google, the trophies were counted in the background since the launch of the Ruler, then you might have already collected some. You can see them on by pressing the tab key and shift key, clicking on your own avatar and going on the Trophies. On Chromecast, just press the button in the Ruler and follow the same steps of the Web. It is also possible to see the results of others when you visit their profiles.

Google Stadia trofei

Strangely, however, for now, within the application Sadia for your smartphone and tablet, it is not possible to access the section dedicated to the trophies. Probably Google has already in mind to update the app in such a way in the next few hours.

After a start not just positive for what was described by many as a “revolutionary service in the field of gaming,” Google Staff is starting to take its final shape. We have to see how he would manage in the time that PlayStation Now will be extended to smartphones (at the moment it is only compatible with PS4 and PC) and Microsoft will launch its xCloud.


Google Staff supports finally the trophies Android Blog Italy.