Google acquires Typhoon Studios for the development of unique Stadia Android Blog Italy.

With Google Staff, which has now been launched for over a month, it is possible to pull the first sum on the service. One of the major weaknesses, at least compared to other digital stores, is the presence of a list that is too small of securities. Google is aware of this and, in addition to make agreements with the various publishers to land their titles on Google Staff, has provided for the creation of a whole sector of development games that has the aim to create unique that they can attract the players to use the service. In this regard, we point out that the development team of Google Staff has just expanded thanks to the acquisition of the Typhoon Studios.

You probably have not heard much about the Typhoon Studios. Is a software house founded almost three years ago by former employees of Ubisoft, Electronic Arts and WB Games. However, has not yet completed a game, the company aims to release Journey to the Savage Planet on the 28th of January 2020. According to Jade Raymond, head of Google Staff, Games and Entertainment, the team of Typhoon Studios will continue to work on Journey to the Savage Planet while advancing towards the launch.

Typhoon Studios has been integrated with the new team Stadia Games in Canada, led by the former director of Ubisoft’s Sebastien Puel. Journey to the Savage Planet has already been announced for PS4, Xbox One and Epic Games Store. The game is an “adventure co-operative is optimistic, it is practically a perfect title to test the potential of the Ruler.

Before leaving, we want to remember that Google Staff can also be used by those who have an “old” Chromecast Ultra, thanks to a recent firmware update.


Google acquires Typhoon Studios for the development of unique Stadia Android Blog Italy.