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Vloggers Who Make the Gaming World Go Round

All these vloggers know exactly how to make the camera work for them Since the birth of live streaming, you would think that vlogging might have gone by...

Mobile Games For Every Type of Mood

Puzzle games are some of the most playful around These days everyone walks around with a mobile device either cradled in the palm of their hand or lodged...

“Ted Lasso” renewed for a second season

According to Variety, Apple has already renewed the new program Apple TV+ "Ted Lasso" for a second season.

Netflix launches new test for the Shuffle function

Undecided on what to see on Netflix? With the button "Shuffle" you can start shuffle play and not to waste time in choosing!

Google Meet-and-Zoom in the arrival on the new devices; Teams improves on the iDevice

To continue the climbing of the major teleconferencing services , Google, Meet, Zoom , and Microsoft Teams. The trio of apps has made of the pandemic and telework her luck, and will now prepare...

ASUS ROG Phone 3, the teardown reveals dissipation at the forefront

ASUS ROG Phone 3 undergoes the teardown of JerryRigEverything - which, just a few days ago had inflicted on him the usual test of endurance. The device is interesting because it has some constructive...

Apple releases new public beta of iOS 14, iPadOS 14 and tvOS 14

Apple has just begun the release of the fourth public beta of iOS 14, and iPadOS 14, after releasing beta 5 to the developers.

Fortnite leave the App Store and Play Store: here are 5 alternatives

While Epic is committed to creating a coalition of anti-Apple following the ban of Fortnite from the App Store (but remember that Google has done the same on his Play Store), many players begin...

Apple TV+, On the Rocks with Bill Murray arrives on the 1st of October | Trailer

It renews the collaboration between Apple TV+ and the A24 Studios: after the announcement of the film The Sky is Everywhere, in fact, the film company has released in the last few hours the...

Drank too much? In the future, could you tell us the smartphone, here’s how

You drank too much? To say it could be the smartphone, analyzing your gait. The idea is sprung to a group of researchers from the University of Pittsburgh led by professor Brian Suffoletto,...

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The Israeli Ministry of Defense has recognized UseCrypt application as safe

The UseCrypt system, owned by the Israeli American Lazar Vision Fund, was recognized by the Israeli Ministry of Defense. This institution recommends...

Jennifer Grey (Dirty Dancing) divorce Clark Gregg after 19 years of marriage

It's official :Clark Gregg has filed for divorce from his wife, Jennifer Grey, August 13, 2020 Los Angeles, according to an article published in The Blast. Married for 19 years, the couple had announced their se...

Lovren celebrated the title in Liverpool with the fans: “I needed to do it...

Interviewed by Sport 24, the new defender for Zenit St. Petersburg Dejan Lovren has told of an episode that occurred during the celebration for the.