Werewolves Within: one of the first titles multiplayer for VR

Published on Mar 16, 2016


Ubisoft has recently announced Werewolves Within, one of the first titles multiplayer for virtual reality that will be characterized by monitoring the positional and from the analysis of the inflection of voice: these two elements give life to a new and engaging gaming experiences.

Werewolves Within takes users inside a game of deduction for social, capturing the essence and the competitive spirit of a game to a board game and canalizzandoli in a social experience of virtual reality. The newly announced title of the house of Ubisoft, developed by Red Storm Entertainment, in collaboration with Ubisoft Barcelona, will be available for the main platforms for VR, and will debut in the autumn months.

Werewolves Within will be set in a medieval village Gallowston and the aim will be to reveal the identity of the werewolves that terrorize all the inhabitants. The game, as anticipated before, will be a multiplayer experience online for a minimum of five to a maximum of eight people and modeled on exactly the famous game "Lupus in Tabula".