The NFL has announced the calendar of 2017


Published on Apr 21, 2017


In the night the NFL has officially announced the calendar of the season 2017.

You will begin Thursday, September 7, with the reigning champions, the New England Patriots against the Kansas City Chiefs. The first Monday Night, on the contrary, the first two since it will be double, will see the Minnesota Vikings host the New Orleans Saints and the Denver Broncos to wait for the Los Angeles Chargers.

Before entering into details let's enjoy the video made by the NFL to celebrate the event.

The regular season will conclude on the 31 December and week 17 will be dedicated to games within the Division, hoping that there are still spots for the playoffs on the line.

Two debuts in week 2: the new stadium of the Atlanta Falcons will be opened against the Green Bay Packers, while the debut in Los Angeles, the Chargers will be against the Miami Dolphins.

Tripleheader as from habit for the day of thanksgiving: before the game between the Minnesota Vikings and the Detroit Lions, the second between the Los Angeles Chargers and Dallas Cowboys, and the third between the Washington Redskins and New York Giants.

This year will be the venue for five matches in a foreign land, four in London, including Wembley and Twickenham, and one in Mexico City.

The post season will begin on 6 January with the Wild Card, 13 January the Divisional, 21 January the Conference finals and the February 4 Super Bowl LII in the stadium of the Minnesota Vikings.

Who has the calendar “theoretically” easier (the sum of the record of the last season of the teams to be faced)? Ec says this video.

If you want a calendar with all the teams/matches in a single view we have two suggestions for you (to save them click on the image > right click > save image as)