The italians prefer the cake

Published on Dec 23, 2016


On this Christmas day, 2016, on the table of the italians, there will be panettone quality. It is what is claimed by the National Confederation of Crafts and Small and Medium Enterprise (Cna), who has conducted a survey among the enterprises of the bakery associated with it. More than 70% of consumers decided to buy one or more of the homemade panettone, the price of which varies from 8 to 35 euro, especially in the case of products with special ingredients that provide the use of the best raw materials.

The cake, therefore, preferred to those available at the large-scale distribution (and cousins of Struggle have tried to enable readers to orientate in the jungle of offers, here the post). “In respect for the tradition, he stated, " the Cna – the italians are oriented, in a decisive manner, to the purchase of panettone prepared by small craftsmen or masters of the pastry. The price, which varies from 8 euros of panettone classic (without raisins and candied fruit) 35 those characterised by fillings special, also remained unchanged compared to last year.“

Of course for enthusiasts there is always the alternative “home”: more and more people prepare in the home, the panettone by relying on the recipes of the great specialists in this product, and if even you are not engaged, they may come in useful the 5 tips of the “Master of Masters” Iginio Massari, to make the panettone is perfect!