The curriculum of a voice actress seems to include the new Fire Emblem as a project in development - News - 3DS

Published on Jan 02, 2017


The music of Kagero, Layla, and Midori is working on a new Fire Emblem?. As reported by NintendoLife, seems to get to cross-streets, a new mention on the Fire Emblem mobile in development at Nintendo, after the vague clues found digging inside Miitomo. Here the issue seems even more vague: Sarah Blandy is an american actress/voice actress who has worked extensively on Fire Emblem Fates, dealing with the characters of Kagero, Layla, and Midori, so his involvement on the new chapter of the series would certainly not be strange. On the site of Blandy is a project not announced yet in the processing stage, that ... | News games Nintendo 3DS