Special Elections: The NFL's version of Donald Trump

Published on Oct 15, 2016


The Democratic Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump on Tuesday, November 8, after months and months passed between the primary elections and the electoral campaign in the United States of America, will compete for the vote of the electors to become the 45th President and take over from Barack Obama.

UPROXX has imagined the NFL totally under the control of Donald Trump from the top of his self-centeredness could, after having won the elections, subsequent to the league and to impose any franchise logo in his honor

We propose the result of this experiment (social-sports-political, but be careful, having regard to the character of some of the images are explicit enough!!

We have divided the pictures for the conference and for the page in this order: AFC North > AFC East > AFC South > AFC West> NFC North> NFC East> NFC South > NFC West.

Let us know in the comments which is the TrumpLogo that you like most.