Samsung Galaxy X1 and X1 Plus, the first details about the smartphone foldable | Rumor

Published on Jan 10, 2017


Analyzing the patents filed by Samsung over the last few months, it emerges that the term “Galaxy X” is a reference to the infamous smartphone folding, a project on which the company is working on for some time and which - until now - has never emerged, no concrete confirmation, if not at the level of the patent.

It seems that things have finally changed, as in the network have been discovered some details regarding the two models of smartphone named Samsung Galaxy X1 SM-X9000 and Galaxy X1 Plus SM-X9050, due precisely to the unprecedented line of devices folding.

The source is - as often happens - the popular chinese social network Weibo, and for this reason, we invite our readers, as they say, to take the news with the benefit of the doubt. To tell you the truth, there are few details that emerge from the network, if not the fact that the smartphone Samsung Galaxy X1 and Galaxy X1 Plus not only exist, but they would be already in evidence in the hands of some testers. The smallest top of the range 2016 that satisfies all? Samsung Galaxy S7, buy it at the best price from the Stockholder to 462 euro. CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING