PS Plus Vs. Xbox Live Gold – December 2016

Published on Dec 06, 2016


Also, December has finally arrived. The month of holidays for many students, the holidays for many workers, and long sessions of the game for many gamers. With the new month, the last of this intense 2016, it will also open the doors to new titles available for the two main subscription services of Sony and Microsoft. And as every month, today we're going to compare, if the comparison, you can speak, offer gaming Plus and Gold, to try to understand which of the two proves to be the most satisfactory.

Let's start with Sony, who this month gives us Stories: The Path of destinies short, and Invisible, Inc. for the PlayStation 4. Stories: The Path of destinies short, is a captivating action-RPG developed by Spearhead Games, and style, very colorful and cartoonish, that will put us in the shoes of the fox anthropomorphic Reynardo, and offers a narrative with very little linear made up of many branching paths and choices within the story. A good diversion, sure, if you are looking for a light game with which to pass the time, and certainly not free from flaws (Metacritic assigns a vote of 73). With Invisible, Inc. instead, we are on a level considerably better. The strategic turn-based Klei Entertainment (the same of Don't Starve and Mark of the Ninja, and they are therefore definitely not the last to arrive) is a port of the PC version of the game, and appreciated the year of its release (2005), and that convinced the developers to try to jump on the console. The game will see us in the shoes of a group of mercenaries, skilled in the actions of espionage, and the aim will obviously be to complete the missions without being discovered. The vote is more than good, equal to 82. We shift the focus now to the Xbox One, where the two titles in the gift are two must. The first is Sleeping Dogs, which probably needs no introduction. Initially developed as a sequel/spin-off of the Yakuza series, the open world action Square-Enix had all the cards on the table to become a very good franchise (which, as we have also discovered a few days ago, it will never happen). On the Xbox One will be available in the remastered edition with lots of DLC, Metacritic currency with a good 75. The second needs maybe even less presentation. Outlast is one of the horror game and is more known today, and that users of PS Plus has already had the opportunity to play in 2014. Developed by Red Barrels, which is currently developing the highly anticipated sequel to Outlast stood on the precise vote of 80/100. Therefore, on balance, 73+82=75+80. PS4 V Xbox One ends with an unexpected, by so many, even. Even if, of course, is to remember that Sleeping Dogs is a production of the AAA, and the most consistent in terms of quantity.

Rosea is also offered for the Xbox 360, which sees in its two titles Outland and Burnout Paradise is also an excellent variety at the level of content. Outland, for those not in the know, is a wonderful action arcade game in two dimensions developed by Housemarque, the software house behind some of the most famous twin stick shooter (Resogun, Dead Nation, and is currently working on another project), awarded with a very good 84/100. Voting even higher for the racing game from Criterion Games, Burnout Paradise (88/100), a series that unfortunately is struggling to get back on the scene after this wonderful title is now dated 2008 and already a prey to several years ago, a subscription to PS Plus. As you may have guessed, however, despite the age of Burnout Paradise, it still defends the great. The situation on PS3 is just not as tempting. Hyper Void, a shooter action indie game set in space, it is not able to break through nor on old gen nor current gen, and the only review reported on Metacritic for the PS3 version testifies to a bad 60/100 by Push Square. More or less the same consideration that we can do for the second title available on PS3, Tiny Troopers: Joint Ops, of 2012, shooter with isometric view that made its fortune on iOS, but then someone had the bad idea to bring it also on PC and console. The result? A title that is approaching barely satisfactory (64/100) because of a very high price and very few changes compared to the mobile version. There is good, of course, that the game this time is free with PS Plus, therefore, a small chance can be given. Also for this month Plus V Gold closes here, with a victory for Microsoft, thanks to the titles on old gen. The event is scheduled for 2017.

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