Pokémon Sun and Moon in the top of the charts of the japanese in the week post christmas - News - 3DS

Published on Jan 07, 2017


PlayStation 4 is top-side hardware. Media Create has released the sales rankings of japanese for the week between 26th December 2016 and 1 January 2017. At the summit are the new Pokémon Sun and Moon, while on the hardware front the PlayStation 4 surpasses the New 3DS XL. Please note that the figures take account only of retail sales, so the titles coming from the digital market have not been calculated. Ranking software: 1. Pokémon Sun / Pokemon-Moon - 3DS - 90,891 / 2,949,287 2. Super Mario Maker for the Nintendo 3DS - 3DS - 73,002 / 790,530 ... | News games Nintendo 3DS