Open Bistro, the new challenge of Antonello Colonna

Published on Dec 14, 2016


Chef, entrepreneur, manager, teacher, hotelier, host: all this, and very probably much more, is Antonello Colonna, owner of Open Colonna in Rome, and a resort to Labìco. A career as long and rewarding, characterised by many challenges (and won), and bets risky, and that it continues to include new objectives and targets. This time the volcanic chef has decided to bring all his experience and knowledge of the catering stellata in local designed and made with the Chef Express in the airport of Rome-Fiumicino.

The Open Bistro-in fact, even if characterized by an offer in the buffet, it was structured according to organizational rules and logistics that Column for decades apply to his or her premises. An elegant spot, in which is given great importance also to the art, thanks to the photos and works of the roman photographer Marco Delogu, the artist chosen to open the cycle of exposures. The local has a total area of 240 square meters, divided into several rooms suitable to host events or meetings. Chat with Antonello Colonna, moderated by Bruno Petronilli, it was very interesting: exuberant nature, the chef has narrated the salient phases of his career, which began thanks to a family passion (“Innkeepers, chefs and restaurateurs in the family, so began my love of cooking) and the courageous choices by real precursor (“the success came with a wine list of 120 labels in 1985“).

Various topics, including a story and a secret of the trade, to come up to his idea of the kitchen (“do Not be fooled by the modern kitchen, it is important to continue to read the past. The key to evolution in the kitchen is the research“), with the thought of course turned to the new project (“my next bet is the Room, I want to give it the importance it deserves“). Space to organizational details related to the brigade, to the room, to the supply of raw materials (“Even if the offer is different compared to my michelin starred restaurant, the suppliers are the same, the ingredients are the same, and this allows us to offer dishes of the highest level“).

At the end of the meeting, the taste of the dishes, allowed you to experience the great space given to dishes based on vegetables (to mention the excellent “roman style Artichokes“), the possibility to choose between meat, fish, cereals, legumes, pasta, and rice, with an eye to all the possible regimes for the food, and the generous supply of single serving desserts, all in the context of a menu that changes constantly, even day to day, depending on the availability of raw materials, following of course the seasonality. A place (located in Terminal 1, B7, in the area of departures) who wants to be a reference not only for good food but for the search of relaxation, an area to allow travellers to live in a pleasant way, the expectation of their flight.