Netflix: sign out of all devices


Published on Dec 29, 2016


It can happen, especially in these holidays, you want to spend some time together watching our movie or our favourite series at the home of a relative, a friend or simply an acquaintance. What better way to make more of our Netflix account in this way?

Sometimes, however, taken by the enthusiasm, or what we will do immediately after you may forget to exit from our account with the first to return to our our home, leaving our relative, friend or acquaintance can potentially exploit that latch (thus decreasing the number of devices that we can use).

It is said that this can happen, however, exit from your Netflix account every time you use it on devices that are not our own, it is a good practice; if we suspect you have forgotten the access somewhere, we can emerge from our Netflix account on all devices at once.

Of course, by doing so, we will be forced to log in again, even by our devices, but, as it says, for the safety of this and more!

To exit from Netflix on all the devices you have logged in, open a browser and go to our page profile of Netflix, by following the link below. When prompted, insert the user name and password.

LINK | Netflix – your account

Scroll the page down until you find the “sign out " link from the account from all devices”.

Click on it and confirm by clicking on “Exit”.

The procedure from the app is very simple: go in Menu > Accounts, and we expect that in the browser of our device to be loaded on the page relating to details of our account.

Now, to disconnect Netflix from all devices, we can follow the same procedure as above.

If we want to get out of our Netflix account because we suspect that someone if it is appropriate unduly, we strongly advise you to read our dedicated guide to discover how to find out if this actually happened, and how to secure our account.

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