Motherboard ASUS Maximus IX Hero: power without compromise


Published on Jan 11, 2017


What to expect in the future of motherboards to the gaming circles? Definitely a rosy future, in particular for those seeking quality and performance. In such optical square, the new ASUS ROG Maximus IX Hero, the new motherboard with the new chipset Z270, ready for the new Intel processors Kaby Lake (seventh generation). How is this new motherboard? Let's discover near all the major news, with a photo report about the details of this little gem of technology.

The packaging of the motherboard Maximus IX Hero shows immediately all his fighting spirit, with the logos of the Republic Of Games printed anywhere.

Opening the box we find ourselves immediately the card in all its glory.

Raised the card you will find all the accessories in the various compartments.

Specifically, we find:

Can not miss the installation CD with the drivers and the labels ROG to place on the case to assembly finished.

On the side we find the panel with all the ports, that the finished installation will be present in the rear of the case.

Very many ports on this motherboard, to trace the nature of the gaming product. In order from left to right in the photo are:

Inside the motherboard we find a variety of solutions to connect to the best of our components. Among these are:

3 PCIe X16 and 3 PCIe X1 slot, to connect multiple video cards and expansion cards.

Reinforcing metal to the two top slot PCIe X16, ideal to withstand the weight of the video cards the most heavy-duty and high-performance.

4 DIMM slots for RAM DDR4, ready for the RAM to play high-frequency.

Start buttons, and reset button to restart in SAFE MODE or to restore the settings (if we have done something wrong with the overclocking, we can restart with the safe settings). Also good is the presence of the button in Slow mode, which is useful in the case of benchmark data for the CPU (it allows to keep under control the frequency).

Q LED and Q-Code LED, which let you control, without the aid of a monitor, or audible alarms, if all the components are properly initiated in the POST and, in the case of an error, generate a two-digit code to identify it.

Chip dedicated audio SupremeFX, for a high quality sound.

Connectors for cooling systems advanced, to be able to connect liquid cooling systems advanced. Along the motherboard are 9 connectors for cooling fans, water pumps, and the like.

6 SATA ports to the side for better cable management and better air circulation.

Finally, the two slots M. 2, to be able to connect the drive to state is usually faster as a simple expansion cards.

Below you can find the official specifications of the motherboard.

To start, simply use the DELETE key to access the UEFI. Immediately the old spirit of the “hardcore” of the tab: the first screen is totally dedicated to overclocking!

Scrolling down we can get other parameters to configure for overclocking.


We welcome the screen is the Extreme Tweaker, a true paradise for those who love to push to the maximum components of the PC! To the side, on the right, we can check the performance of the main components (CPU and Memory) and the voltages.

We are not practical overclocking? We can use the EZ Tuning Wizard, which will guide us in the overclocking safe components according to the scenario of use.

Finally, we could not not mention the menu Qfan Control, which allows us to keep under control all the fans installed on the PC or any components of a hydraulic system for cooling.

The ASUS ROG Maximus IX Hero is available for sale at a price of 279€, at Amazon.en. A price that is absolutely in line with the quality of the product, designed for the gaming elite, and for all users who practice overclocking.


The Maximus IX Hero is definitely a card you gaming full, with all the latest technologies, a system designed to overclock and push to the maximum any component.

Ideal if we need to create a new configuration from the gaming by adopting the latest technology, without fear to be with an obsolete system after a few years. The motherboard Maximus IX Hero will accompany you in your sessions of gaming, and in your benchmark for many years.

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