Monster Park is the game of the Pokémon that you are looking for, but... it's a plagiarism

Published on Jan 09, 2017


Clone Pokémon on the virtual stores, there are galore, but none can match the Monster Park, the game free-to-play remained in the shadows because the software house author of the title he prefers, presumably, that does not spread too much the voice.

If you where wondering, the reasons, well, take a look at the image at the head of this article: there is Squirtle, our Squirtle to be exact, ready to put on the cap of a poor Pidgey wild. Ordinary administration, therefore, only that Monster Park is not in any way affiliated to Nintendo.

Therefore, it seems yet another episode of the copy to which we are accustomed, but in reality there is more, because the video game Sorceress Joy – this is the name of the company that produced it – is a plagiarism and everything, but implements new features to the classic formula of Game Freak. In fact, the classic turn-based combat, and the tall grass adds the ability to speed up battles, to play online in real-time with other people all over the world, and much more.

As icing on the cake, see a game of Pokémon in high resolution, freed from the obsolete hardware of the Nintendo 3DS, it makes a certain effect. Then, the interface is a punch in the eye, that is another matter, but it's amazing how a title of this genre, which makes a violation of the rights of the author so sensational, is still standing. If you don't want to download it, dates at least a look at the movie at the bottom: what do you think?

Thank you Fabrizio for the report