Microsoft Authenticator beta update with the log-in by smartphone

Published on Jan 11, 2017


New important update for the beta of the Microsoft Authenticator, the app dedicated to the authentication of the house of Redmont, which today releases a new version for both platform Android and iOS.

The new version 6.0.2 allows users to sign in to your Microsoft account directly from your smartphone, without having to type the password.

When you want to access your Microsoft account from the web, you can select the item“, or use an app” option that allows you to send a notification on your device, smartphone or wearable. Once unlocked the device, such as a PIN or sensor of the fingerprint authentication will be approved and you will be logged on your account.

Obviously, this function is only available if your smartphone is set up a safe and secure way to unlock, and you can enable or disable in the settings of the app.

If you want to try the new updated version, you can download the beta of Microsoft Authenticator app from the following link, for both Android and iOS.