IPhone 2G: prototypes of Fadell and Forstall compared in a video

Published on Jan 11, 2017


We are in 2005. There are still two years to the official presentation of the first iPhone, and Cupertino, there is full attention to the project. To avoid errors, and as its usual way of operating, Steve Jobs commissioned the construction of two prototypes of software for the Iphone Tony Fadell, the father of the iPod, and Scott Forstall. These two prototypes of OS, now with more than 10 years experience, and have been revealed and compared in a new video.

The leak in question took place, once again, at the hands of Sonny Dickson. In the vide below you can watch a comparison side-by-side between an “iPhone P1“, that is that of Tony Fadell, an operating system based on the earlier OS adopted by Apple for the iPod, and with touch-wheel, and an “iPhone-P2“, i.e. a second prototype with an OS very similar to the interface of the first “iPhone OS”, albeit in a much more immature, made by Scott Forstall.

According to what we have been told, by several sources, more or less reliable, in 2005, Fadell and Forstall proposed these ideas to Steve Jobs, which opted for the solution which turned out to be winning not only for Apple but for the whole industry of smartphone, i.e. that of Forstall and it is based on a system of icons with which you interact with using your fingers (“Who wants a stylus?“). Both prototypes, P1 and P2, running a version of OS from Apple that was named “Acorn OS” internally. Based on this OS, the iPhone, the P1 was even faster than iPhone P2 of Forstall. Another particularly curious: the boot on both devices does not show the Apple logo. On the iPhone, Fadell was shown to the classic logo of the iPod, while on that of Forstall was shown a polyp.


P1 and P2. The two OS that would, in one way or another, changed the cards on the table. However, the question of how it would have been an iPhone 2G with a system based on the software of the iPod remain. The success of the iPhone would have been the same? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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