Hard Rock Cafe and its Menu “Veg”

Published on Oct 03, 2016


On the occasion of the Awareness Month Vegetarian, organized by the World Vegetarian Day, the Hard Rock Cafe is launching a version of the veg-friendly in their menus. From 3 October until 13 November 2016, even in the Hard Rock Cafe Italian in Rome, Florence and Venice, it will be possible to try a version without meat on the menu the most loved by celebrities around the world. The new proposals, very different, will be vegetarian, but also vegan (upon request) to meet all needs and will go by the Cauliflower “Wings” or “fins” of cauliflower served in the style of the “Buffalo” up to the Grilled Ratatouille Wrap, that is, a ratatouille of grilled vegetables served with mayonnaise sriracha go directly. It will also be possible to combine the new recipes drink vegetarians as the Very Veggie “Vats”, a smoothie of fresh vegetables or Greek Yogurt and Tito's Handmade Vodka for a real cocktail version of the veg-free.

“The demand for vegetarian dishes has grown because it is grown in the customer research of the variety. We therefore investigated, and identified a new menu without meat that went even beyond the expectations of the traditional taste – said Alex Merchan, Director of marketing, Senior Hard Rock International -. Whether one of our dishes vegetarian-friendly, or my favorite as the Cauliflower Burger we will always have something that will satisfy all the needs of our guests“.

Vegetarian Awareness Month

The awareness month vegetarian is designed to spread awareness of vegetarianism and the benefits of a diet without meat. The International Vegetarian Union encourages people all over the world to spread and to experience the vegetarian lifestyle. What started as World Vegetarian Day has blossomed into a month-long celebration of vegetarianism that includes educational events and parties.