Google Calendar now integrates with Fit and Health to control your workouts (photos)

Published on Jan 05, 2017


The beginning of the year, you know, is always the most suitable occasion for the good intentions, which are regularly breached after a few days, and many of these relate to the physical form. To help us and motivate us in our workouts, mother Google has introduced a new feature in its calendar app that could do to the case of all athletes to listen.

Google Calendar already allows you to set long-term goals, working independently to find the right time between your commitments. Thanks to the new update, this feature has been further improved by integrating services like Google Fit and Apple Health.

In this way, by synchronizing the data between the services, the calendar app detects automatically when you have made a running session or a session in the gym, marking it as “done” the goal of the day. Also, added a page dedicated to the visualization of the goals completed, you need to track an even more detailed way of each workout.

The integration between the calendar and the app dedicated to fitness will also allow you to better understand your habits and improve the automatic planning of the daily schedule. All this in a very smart, even if willingness to get out and go really run you will have to mettercerla, however, you.

If you feel full of good intentions and you want to download the app Google Calendar on your Android or iOS device, you can find the link here below.