Foods that accelerate the metabolism and those who slow down

Published on Nov 19, 2016


What are the best foods for your metabolism? And the worst ones? You know that the power is at the basis not only of a good physical fitness, but also of the state of health. Among the many foods that exist in nature, some are perfect to make your skin more luminous, to give shine and hydration to the hair, for having a fresh look every day. Understand what we should eat to stay well is not trivial at all. To be able to raccapezzarci among the many foods that we (fortunately) are available and can be not an easy task. Certainly what we do know is that with the power we can speed up the metabolism or slow it down, and then put the word end on our silhouette. We try to take stock of the situation. Let's start from the foods that wake up and keep active our metabolism. Among these foods are, without a doubt, spices. The spices are perfect in the kitchen because they allow us to replace the salt, and then to limit the consumption. Not only. Some of these spices such as chilli, also reduce the feeling of hunger. In the list of foods pro metabolism are the vegetables, in particular broccoli. Broccoli is purifying and facilitate the elimination of toxins. To keep under control insulin and help in weight loss, think about the artichokes. Broccoli and artichokes are among the main foods that awaken the metabolism. The list of the best foods for metabolism to continue with the fruit, apples, pears and citrus fruit are allies necessary to fight the sudden feeling of hunger. Also the blueberries, reduce the appetite and are natural antioxidants. We now turn to the foods that worsen the metabolism and that, therefore, we should avoid. Foods based on refined flours, slow down our metabolism. So it is fundamental to keep under control the consumption of pasta, white bread, rice and pizza. Other foods to avoid are fried foods. Of course, eating them occasionally does not cause us to put on who knows what weight, but it is advisable to limit the consumption. Among the other foods that slow down the metabolism, there is the red meat, sausages, alcoholic beverages and soft drinks and sugar, especially the white one.