Fitbit renews its app with more attention to fund social

Published on Jan 05, 2017


During the CES in Las Vegas, Fitbit announced major update for two of its app: the eponymous Fitbit and FitStar Personal Trainer, as well as an update for Fitbit Blaze. We see in order to change!

With regard to the app Fitbit, we have also included a new Community section, which is divided into three main functions, Feeds, Friends, and Groups. It is easy to guess, it is a section on the social networks, to compare their results with those of the other contacts, as well as to discover other groups of enthusiasts with whom to do group.

Fitbit has renewed completely the app, FitStar Personal Trainer, with the ability to set personal goals to achieve, renewed interface, training sessions and best practices new professional personal trainers to follow.

Last but not least, the update of the Fitbit Blaze will introduce two features already available on Fitbit Charge 2, i.e. the tracking of the cardio and the breathing sessions guided.

For the time being, you can download the latest versions of the app, Fitbit and FitStar Personal Trainer from the badge below.


FitStar Personal Trainer